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2.1 Licensing

Welcome to the first lesson of this course. Before you can bundle WPBakery Page Builder with your theme, you need to have a proper license. Let’s see what kind of licenses you can purchase and which one you need.

2.1 Licensing

Welcome to the first lesson of this course. Now, before you can bundle Page Builder with your WordPress theme, you need a proper license. So let's take a look at what kind of licenses there are, and which one you need. If we head over to the CodeCanyon page for Page Builder, you'll see that you have the option to purchase a regular license for $46 currently, or an extended license for $250. Well, this is the one you need, an extended license. A regular license will simply allow you to purchase the plug-in and use it in a single website, either personal or commercial, it doesn't really matter. But if you want to bundle it with your theme then you need an extended license. And this is important. You need an extended license or a new license for each theme that you're selling. Those are the rules. So once you purchase an extended license, you need to go the wpbakery support portal, you need to create an account, login and then transform that extended license to an in-stock license. And that will allow you to use that particular plug-in, or bundle it with your WordPress theme. On top of that, if you want to refer to PageBuilder in your documentation or in your item preview page, there are also some, let's call them marketing materials, that you must use from the WPBakery team. So you'd go to the knowledge base and you would scroll down to theme integration marketing. Here you have a list of dos and don'ts that apply to your plug-in, and also downloadables of materials, including logos, that you can use, for example, in your item preview page to tell potential buyers that your theme comes bundled with the Page Builder plug-in. So you would use their logos, the one the provide in this downloadable file and not others that you maybe download from the web. These right here are the ones that you need to use. All right, so now that we know how to properly license the plug-in and also what kind of marketing materials we need to use, we are ready to move onto the next step. And that is to load the plug-in using a TGM plug-in activation script. That's a PHP script that you load in your theme, this is actually a requirement from the ThemeForest review team. It's the proper way of bundling other plug-ins with your theme. So we're gonna have a look at that in the next lesson. See you there.