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6.1 Wrapping Up

Congratulations, you just finished Top Speed HTML Development with Jade. Well done. That's awesome work. You now have a really firm grasp of all the essentials of Jade and you also have some really practical knowledge that you can put to work in your every day development right away. My bet is you're about to have the same experience I did after discovering Jade and that is, you'll never do a static HTML project again without it. And your whole workflow will be so much quicker, more flexible and more powerful. As for what you should do next, I personally recommend you should check out a language called Stylus, which you saw me using briefly in this course. You can have a look at one of my other courses called, become a CSS superhero with Stylus. Stylus and Jade were originally created by the same person, so they have the same logic and flow behind them, and hence they work beautifully together. With Jade powering your HTML and Stylus powering your CSS, you'll find your whole way of operating is completely revolutionized. So, let me thank you for taking this course, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Between now and then I hope you have a great time doing your own top speed HTML development with Jade.

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