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2.1 What Is Craft CMS?

Before we begin, I’d like to take a look at exactly what Craft CMS is. In this lesson we’ll cover how Craft works and the ways in which it’s different from other content management systems.

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2.1 What Is Craft CMS?

Hey, I'm Kezz Bracey for Tuts Plus. Welcome to Up and Running with Craft CMS. Now before we get started on actually working with Craft CMS, I just wanna go through a couple of the things that make Craft CMS different to other systems that you might have worked with in the past. Now with other content management systems and blog platforms, often the way things unfold is an end user will go through an installation process that will get the basics in place. And then they'll come to a developer and ask a developer to build a theme around what they've got or to create plugins and other customizations that mold a preexisting system to suit their needs. Now with Craft, things are the other way around. If an end user who doesn't have any development experience tries to work with Craft out of the box, they're not gonna get very far. And that's because with Craft, the way things are set up is that a developer starts the process, sets up the back end and the front end exactly the way the user needs it. And then hands it over to the user from there. So when you start with Craft, you have basically a blank slate. It doesn't make any assumptions about the way that your site is going to work. There are no pre-installed themes, the system doesn't even actually use themes. There are no pre-installed plugins. There's no code that gets automatically output in the header or footer of your site, whether you want it there are not. You have complete 100% control over what goes into your mockup. So you will write all the templates for your site. And if you don't specifically write something into your templates, but deliberately build it into your system, then it won't appear in your completed site. So this means that Craft excels in two really important areas. One, it gives you absolute control over exactly what's happening in your site. And that's perfect for developers. And two, it makes sure that in the back end, there are no complicated sections that may or may not relate to what a user actually needs to do to add content to their site. All the users ever need to see in the back end are things that are relevant to them. So that makes for a lot less confusion as they're learning how to manage their sites' content. So, in a nutshell, Craft CMS allows experienced designers and developers to set up sites exactly the way they want to. And this in turn leads to really well organized unclutter d back-ends that are much easier for end users to find their way around in. Now as far as pricing goes, you've got a couple of different tiers that are available. If you doing client work, you'll want to go for either the client or the pro tier. Or if using Craft CMS for your own websites, then you can just use the personal tier. And that's free for as long as you want it. And that's what we're gonna be using this course so you can get to know the system. So head to this pricing page now. That's at Craftsms.com/pricing. Hit that download button, and then you'll be all set for our next lesson where we go through how to install Craft CMS. I'll see you then.

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