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3.1 Wrapping Up

Well done, you’ve just completed “Up and Running With Craft CMS”! Let’s recap what you’ve learned through the course and talk about what we’ll be covering in the next course, “Building Landing Pages With Craft CMS”.

3.1 Wrapping Up

Congratulations, you've just finished up and running with Craft CMS. So, now you should have a really good hold of all the most important fundamentals for working with Craft CMS. So you learned how to install craft and that should take you through installing Craft either offline or online. You'll learn how Craft's content is organized with its sections, entry types, fields, and asset sources. You learned how to work with creating all of those and you learned the essentials of working with Craft's templatating. In the next course, we're gonna build on all of that and we're gonna create a landing page from the ground up. So what we're gonna be doing is taking a Bootstrap HTML template and converting it into a Craft CMS driven site. We're gonna go through and we're gonna create all of the templates that are used by the site. We're not going to be using any of Craft's existing templates like we did in this course. We're gonna learn how to properly load in CSS and JavaScript custom files into your templates. We're gonna be setting up all the backend for everything that you need for this landing page. So all the required sections and entry types. We're gonna be configuring asset sources, and you're gonna learn to use a few different field types that you didn't learn in this course yet. And then we're gonna be doing some more in-depth work with the Twig templating language to bring it all together. So, I hope you enjoyed this taste of working with Craft CMS and that you're interested in learning more about what I feel is one of the best content management systems that's available right now. And I hope to help you out with that learning through Building Landing Pages with Craft CMS. So thanks again for taking this course and I'll see you in the next one.

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