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5.2 Sketch Cloud and Sketch for Teams

Sketch Cloud is a service that allows you to share Sketch documents and libraries with other people. You can also use it to collaborate and get feedback from others, or you can use it simply to keep your designs privately in the cloud.

This also powers something called “Sketch for Teams”, which is a brand new feature at the time of this recording. So let’s see what Sketch Cloud and Sketch for Teams are all about.

5.2 Sketch Cloud and Sketch for Teams

Sketch Cloud is a service that allows you to upload documents in a private cloud and then share them with other people, your team members or even your clients. Now, this also powers something called Sketch for Teams which is a brand new feature at the time of this recording. So let's check these out of hand, see what they're all about. To use Sketch Cloud, you need either a personal license, so you need to buy Sketch, or you need an active trial that's running. Once you have that, or you can sign into your Sketch account. And when you hit Cloud, you'll have the option to upload a document to the Cloud. So let's actually do that. Let's create the new document here. And we're gonna say, Hello. Now, I'm gonna hit Cloud, Upload Document. And this opens up a browser window that shows me my document. And I can open each art board and I can see what it's all about. And then on the right side I can see my activity. So that if other people are invited to this project, they can comment and they can leave feedback right here. Now, by default, any upload you make to the Cloud is private, okay? If you want to invite other people, you'll click this little button. You enter the email address of the person you wanna add, and you set their permission. So what can the new people do? They can comment, they can download or they can use that document as a Sketch Library. And then on the top, you also have Share Settings. So you can determine who has access or who can view this document, the people you've invited or anyone with the link and the people you've invited. So if you go back to Sketch and click on Cloud, there's a link here. And if you choose this option, anyone that has that link has access to that document. Otherwise, only the people you invite here, using their email addresses will have access to that document. Now that's Sketch Cloud in a nutshell. Sketch for Teams is designed to work with Sketch Cloud to create a personal or a team workspace with your team members, okay? So if we go back to the Sketch Cloud homepage, under Personal you'll find a link called Create New Team. So let's see here, Team Adi. You can choose a logo if you want. And here you can choose the plan that you wanna pay for. It's basically $8.25 or $9 per month depending on the plan you choose either you pay yearly or monthly and this is paid per contributor. Okay, so for Sketch for Teams, it's much easier to determine what people are on your team like if you have multiple contributors with something like this. You can say okay, you, you and you are members of my team. So, when you upload a document done from Sketch you'll have the option to upload it to your personal space or to your teamwork space. Now, a Sketch for Teams is still currently beta. So, if you're using this, or if you're gonna use this and find some bugs here in there, please be patient, the team behind Sketch is hard at work. But it's a welcome addition and one that's gonna make collaborating very very easy. All right then, those are the collaboration tools we can use in Sketch. Now the final chapter of this course is dedicated to plugins because this will add a whole different level of functionality to the up. We'll start exploring these in the next lesson. See you there.

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