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6.2 Sketch Data

In this final lesson of the course, we’re going to take a look at Sketch Data. This is relatively new functionality, added in Sketch 52, and it allows you to populate your design with placeholder images and text. The cool thing is you can bring in your own images and text as sources, making Sketch Data a valuable feature as you don’t have to rely on placeholder pictures of fluffy cats.

6.2 Sketch Data

In this final lesson of the course, we're gonna take a quick look at Sketch Data, which is a relatively new functionality. It was added, I believe, in Sketch 52. And it sort of behaves like a plug-in in the sense that it allows you to add some extra functionality to Sketch. But Sketch Data basically gives you the option to add placeholder images and placeholder text to your document to really fast. And the cool part is, you can bring in your own sources for the images in the text. So it's not like using the regular placeholder services, with lorem ipsum, or images of cats or dogs, right? You can bring in your own images. And that makes it super convenient because you can define your own sets of content, text, names, whatever it is, and images. When you're developing websites maybe you want, and you have the same set of images that you use for your mockups, you can find those ones. And then you can use sketch data to load them again and again and again really easily. It saves you a bunch of time. So let's check it out. Sketch data is access from this button right here where it says data. And to make it work, let's create an art board and inside the art board let's create a shape. I'm just gonna demonstrate this quickly. With the shape selected, you will go to data. For example, on splash and you can choose to load a random photo or you can search for one. Let's search for one from the food category. So that loads this photo and it also tells you the author here. How cool is that? And this images added as a background to the shape. Do you want another photo? Just hit a random photo in there. And it's gonna give you a random photo. That's pretty cool. Now, data uses unsplash as a source for the content. But it also uses two other services for images I mean, faces and tiles. So faces will basically give you a random portrait. And it can choose a refresh data to just refresh that over and over and over again. Or you can use tiles, which will give you a pattern. And again, you can refresh over and over. Now, this also works for text. So if I have a piece of text here, and I want to add maybe a placeholder text, I can go to data, sketch data and I can choose from two predefined sources Names and World Cities. So this will just give me A random name again and again and again. Now how do you add your own sources? Well, it's actually quite simple. You would go to sketch preferences, data. And here, you can see the ones that are already loaded, or you can add your own. So you hit add data, and this will ask for a folder with images for example, and I'm just gonna choose folder here. Preview 02, this is one of the music kits that I was telling you about from a model elements. So now, I can again, create a shape and go to data, Preview 02. And that's gonna load a random image from that kit. In my art board here. It goes the same way with text, but instead of an image, it would just create a folder with a text file in it. And inside the text file, you would list all the values that you want and they're gonna be separated by a new line character. So let's do that quickly. I'm just gonna create a new file here. And I'm gonna say, ThemeForest, GraphicRiver and CodeCanyon and I'm gonna save this as marketplaces.txt. Okay, so now you would go back to sketch, add data, market places and then if you have a piece of text, you can grab data from there. There you go, and it gives you a new value randomly. And that's pretty much it for sketch data and in fact for this course. It was quite a long course but I wanted to cover all the important bits and pieces so you'll have a pretty complete picture of what Sketch is and what you can do with it. As I usually say practice is the best teacher so, you know, go ahead and download Sketch. You can get a free 30 day trial for it and you can play around with it as much as you want and hopefully in that time, you'll learn if it's for you. If you like it, if you don't like it. But with that said, thank you very much for watching this course. I'm Adi Purdila and until next time, take care.

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