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6.1 Working With Sketch Plugins

Sketch plugins add extra functionality to what’s already a very capable app. And there are a lot of them. In fact, one of the things I love most about Sketch is its very large plugin directory. The chances are, if you’re looking for a specific non-native feature, there’s a plugin out there that takes care of it.

Let’s check them out and see how to work with Sketch plugins!

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6.1 Working With Sketch Plugins

Sketch plugins will basically add extra functionality to the app. And there are a lot of them, a lot of plugins, and this is one of the things that I love about Sketch, the huge developer community behind it that's constantly producing these plugins and offering them for free. Chances are if there's a certain functionality that you would like to see in Sketch, but isn't there natively, there is a plugin there somewhere that's gonna do that for you. Now, let's take a look at these plugins and see how they work. To open the plugin repository, you would go to the plugins menu item Manage Plugins. Here you can see plugins that are already installed in your system, and I have two of them here, I'll show them to you in just a little bit. But if you want to get more, click this button, Get Plugins, and that's gonna open the official repository from the Sketch website. And here, if we just take a quick look, there are a lot of them. I don't know the exact number but there are a lot of them. Now, to install one of these plugins, well, you just open it. It usually opens up in the GitHub page and you just follow the instructions here. But usually, there is a plugin file, which you just double-click and you install it. In other situations, you might go to plugins to reveal the plugins folder and then copy the contents there. Now, let me show you how to work with a plugin. Well, it depends from plugging the plugin but you have an entry here in the plugins menu, and you would go there. Let's click Envato elements. This is a new plugin that came out from Envato, it basically allows you to get assets from Envato elements directly in Sketch. If you wanna learn more about this plugin, check out the lesson notes. There are some great resources there. So let's say I wanna, I don't know, get a photo. I can basically browse through all of these. I can search, let's say, I want food photos. Right? And then I can click on a specific photo. And if you're not a subscriber, it's gonna tell you get started. And what you need to do is generate an Envato Elements extension token. So let me do that really quick. And then it's back to image. So now I can enter my project title here, let's say Tuts+ Download & License this image. Okay, so now our image is imported in Sketch and we can use it right away. And apart from that there are a lot more assets you can get from here, website UI kits, mobile UI kits, photos. So it's really easier to use than going to Elements, to the Elements website, downloading them from there and then importing them into Sketch. All right, and that's it for plugins. The plugins you download and use are really up to you and what kind of workflow you have and what you're trying to do. But for me, personally, Envato Elements is one of my top plugins, because I can find a lot of assets there. And because I'm a subscriber, I can get them at any time directly in Sketch. So that's a huge time saver for me. I've also included a link in the lesson notes on a slightly older tutorial that I made on my top five Sketch plugins, so make sure you check that out. And in the end, check out the Sketch repository that I showed you. There are so many plugins there you can choose from, and there are some ones that really help you a lot and make you more efficient. So check that out and choose the plugins that work best for you. Now finally, before we wrap up this course, I wanna go over one last thing, and that is Sketch data. Fantastic feature, I'll tell you all about it in the next lesson.

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