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4.2 Client and User Comment Reviews

Hi everyone. In this lesson, we are going to look at user comments and feedback. In the previous lesson, you saw how to share your project with others so that you can invite this sort of commenting back. So now we're gonna see what that looks like, how we can provide our own comments back and really look at this. Now when you're on your main project site here, you now see a couple different things. One, we have a dot indicating that we have some new activity, down here as well as up here, and then you also notice that we have some comments. This area right here lets us know how many comments we have. And you can click between the two of them and you notice that the center page does not have any comments. So we have comments on the unfilled page and the confirmation page. So perhaps, we can assume from this that the middle page is all right. We don't have anything coming back from that. So you can access this in a couple of ways. If we go to Activity really quickly, you can see here that Steve commented on two screens. So we can follow this flow. And notice that we now have shared, we have one new share link viewer. So Steve has come on board. We shared that link to him and it lets us know where Steve is and actually what time they were in and how long they were there. So it's very neat to be able to track this, especially if you have remote teams that are all over the place and not just Steve, who is providing us some comments. But it would be the same regardless of how many people you have. So you can follow this flow of activity which is really, really cool. And then over here in the comments, you can also see a more Inbox style for our comments. So we can see here that Steve has told us that he wants to see this in a different color, maybe a teal or an orange. And this is right here. You can see the little point here. So he's talking about the header, that gray header be in the no for our form and then he's also saying we have more content for this area. So that thank you box on the confirmation page, he has some more content. So clearly Steve is the client, he is the one that wants to see this in a different color and they have more content, so this is from a client perspective. So we haven't even gone into the project yet. We've just come into this landing screen and now we're in the comments and we can quickly see what he has commented back to us and that's one way to get to those comments. You can also click on them and you can leave a comment right back. This is really awesome time saver because you can get a good idea of what these feedbacks are and kind of treat them like an inbox. Just like an email right within the application. And I can go ahead and leave a comment back to him. So he said, we have more content for this area. I can say something like, Thanks, Steve. Looking forward to receiving it. All right? And you can send this notification and you can add more people. You can say if you want to send this directly to Steve and myself, if I wanted to send it to myself, but we're gonna have it to Steve. If we need to clue in some other people maybe that weren't in the initial conversation, we can go ahead and add their email addresses here. And when we're ready to go, we can hit Post Comment. One thing that we can also do is mark this as Complete. This isn't necessarily complete because we don't have a content back from Steve. But if this was a direct situation where we can make it an immediate change and Steve could see that, we may be able to mark this as complete. So I'm gonna leave this open for now. We can also really just make this visible to collaborators, and a developer note if we absolutely needed to, so we can really fine tune that. We're going to leave this for everyone and go ahead and post this comment. And then we're done here and you can see now that my comment appears in this queue, and we can see that there's two comments happening here. We also have this comment below, and this was my original one that I placed in a previous lesson initially to share that these icons were not clickable and active. So Steve knew that when he was looking at this project. So let's look at the other way that we can review these comments and that's going right into our screen. So if we view our screens, you should be familiar with this by now, you now see that we have a comment mode and a little active dot. This let's us know that we have some new comments and we can see those quite directly. The only difference from it not being in Inbox mode is that you can hover over these comments and interact with them and you can see that we have one unread conversation in our comment mode here. So we can click on each of these and again, see them directly within this screen. Okay, so what we can do here is respond to Steve and say, Thanks! Will upload new version soon. All right? And then we post this when we're ready. And then we see that our comment now appears and we are free to close out of this and move on. Again, not marking that complete because we haven't really done anything quite yet to mark that comment complete. And now to continue on. The quest here to see our screens. You can interact with the form and proceed through it or you can go straight to the screen that you need to and then go back into comment mode. And then you can see here that we have a comment that we already responded to back in the inbox, but we can catch it here as well and continue to comment. So regardless of where you're at in your project, if you're inside the screen here leaving comments, or you're outside of your project in this mode you can leave comments in the Inbox mode. If you have a lot of feedback coming, it's probably a little bit quicker to do it from the Inbox mode because you can just view those, get an idea of where they're at, and respond quickly so you don't have to flip through the screens. But either way, it definitely works. It's very convenient and it's going to help you collaborate and get feedback from your team and your clients. Coming up, we're gonna look at the power of live share from Photoshop and then also the live share option that we have right here. This is going to allow us to share the screen and get feedback from people automatically and live. So we're gonna look at that next.

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