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4.1 Share Project Options

Hi everyone. In this lesson we are going to look at some of the sharing and feedback options in inVision. This is what makes the interaction and collaboration with your clients and maybe other members of your team so powerful, so that once you've set up your prototype, now it's time to get feedback. So there's a few different options that you have available and I'm going to show that to you now. What we're looking at here is we're inside the project, so this is more than likely where you're going to end up. And this is where you can facilitate sharing this prototype in InVision to other people in your group. So once you have your prototype ready, the natural next step would be to come over here to your Share Project option. And the cool thing is, is there's several different options so it fits your situation. One of the easiest things that you can do is come right down here and grab this private URL to share. This way you can email this off to people, you can have this URL handy, you can even bookmark it if you want to, and it's very easy to share this with other people. You also can determine if you want to allow commenting on your screens, allow navigation between the screens, and allow browsing of all the screens in your project. This could come in handy if you're not quite finished with the other parts of your project, but you might have the first page ready and then you can turn this off and you then can dictate what you want to share. So you don't have to share everything if you're not ready, but if your entire prototype like we have is ready to share with clients and other people for feedback, then you would leave this on. You also have some advanced options here. If you need to, for example, you can start the share link at. So if you have multiple screens here, you could start on the home page or if you've really specified what your landing page is like we have, we really want to start the link at this for our sharing. But if you need to be more specific, this allows you to do that. You also have some other options that can prevent hotspot hinting, password protecting if you need to. And you can require user identification. So if you really don't want this to be open, you can really fine tune these options and nail it down. We're just gonna keep everything to the default right now and we are going to have our link here. You can also email this straight to somebody right out of the application if you want to. And again, you can set what you need to as far as the same settings that you had for your URL, you can do the same thing for your email. This is actually really cool if you want to set specific parameters for your team members versus your clients. You may want your team members to have more access than your clients. So you can really fine tune that depending on who it is you're sharing this project with. All you have to do is go ahead and send this in here. So you can type in your email address and you can see that we already have someone in here by that name. And you automatically get a comma, so you can add as many as you want to. If you want to send a personal note, it also adds the option to do that. You don't have to, but it is nice if you have specific things that you wanna share up front with a client or someone on your team, you can go ahead and do that. And then you just send that notification to them when you're ready. And then they're going to get that URL and be able to click on that and go straight into the project for commenting. You can also send this project to a mobile device. Again, this is going to allow you to visually see this on your mobile phone and be able to interact with it. And if you are working on a mobile project like we are, that's a very handy thing to do. We've seen it so far on a computer screen, but we haven't seen it on a mobile device. So this would be the opportunity to really see that. You also have the option to embed your prototype. So you can copy and paste this code here and embed it. Now, where would this become handy? Well, you can embed this on your portfolio or website so you can share this project if you want to, and it allows you to just embed this. You could also have an opportunity where you want to control maybe the branding or something like that and then you have a page on your website that you can throw this into. So it just allows you ultimate flexibility. Now remember, you can change the width and the height of this, so this is the default that it's giving you, but if you need to adjust that you can in the code. And then finally, you have the option to download this for offline access, but you do need a professional plan to do that. So if this is a feature that you need, just note that you will need to upgrade your account. And those are the basic options that you have for sharing your project. And now the other option is live share your screen, which means that you're going to meet up with people right in the moment and go through this screen automatically, live. And we are gonna to look at this a lot closer in the next couple of lessons. So we're gonna to go more into detail on that. But this just gives you a clear idea of how to share. Now remember, this is what you have when you're inside your project. If we go all the way back out to this screen here, you notice that we still have those share features from any point of our workflow. So we don't necessarily have to be right inside of the screen to be able to share those projects. We can do that from outside as well. Coming up, we are going to look at how clients and user comment reviews occur with our project, how we can respond back, and how we can really track that flow of our user comments.

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