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1.3 User Features

Hi, everyone. In this lesson, we're going to talk about the user features that we have decided for our prototype based on the project brief. Now what you need to know about this when you are looking at the user features is you really need to pay attention to what the client says. If they leave some areas uncertain, this may be a conversation that you have directly with them. But if you have experience in this area, there's a lot of times that you can sort of glean certain things from your client, from your emails back and forth and so forth that can help you solidify this probably pretty easily, without going into a lot of conversation with your client. So the user feature, the number one thing is that this is a subscription site, so the usability features that we have, just knowing that this is a subscription site is that we need to enter in some form of identification here. And ideally when you're using an email subscription format, you are looking for a first name and an email address at the minimum. At the very minimum you can just capture an email address. But we know that the client wants to personalize this and it's just good practice with email campaigns to personalize it. So we really wanna capture the first name as well. That way, when the email is formatted, it can actually say, hi first name, whoever that is. It's a little bit more personal. So we know that we need a first name and we need that email address. We also know that they want this to be centered around a one-click subscription. So we know that they're gonna click to enter their information and then they're gonna click Subscribe and that's it. They're enrolled, they've subscribed. So that usability means that they're entering in their first name and their email address and they're clicking a Submit button. Okay, so this is all things that we're thinking about because this is what we need to create in our prototype. And then we also need to create an InVision so that we can actually follow this one-click process and make sure that it's simple, make sure it makes sense, and that it's enough, after all. So we have first name, email address, we click Submit, and then we know that the last step is that confirmation page. So after we've clicked Submit, that confirmation page is gonna show up. It'd be nice if it was personalized and pulled in that name of that user and said thank you user for subscribing to our list and then of course, some other content that the client will help you fill in. So that's just the real basics of the user features, but just in a few minutes we've been able to really detail that out from a very basic project brief and we've been able to pull in what we want our user features to be. This is gonna make it so much easier when we go into Photoshop later and start mocking this prototype up. We already have a clear vision of what needs to happen. So now we're gonna finish this up by looking at some mock-up options. There's several out there. So what's the best option for this course? But then, what's the best option for you later on? We're gonna look at those mock-up options in the next lesson.

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