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3.4 Customizing the Posts and Pages Editing Screens

Let's take a look at this page. It is the editing screen for a post, and the one for a page looks pretty similar. Now, you can actually remove some of the elements from this page and add your own. Let's find out how. It's really easy to remove meta boxes from this page. In fact, I've already shown you that in the dashboard. You can use the remove meta box function. Now, if you go here, you're gonna see all the meta box ID's from various pages. So for example from the page we can remove these. From the post you can remove these for example. So it's really, really easy and even get examples here. So for example if we want to remove the comments here. This comments box from the pages and also from the posts. Well you can do something like this. You're gonna write a function called remove meta boxes and then you're gonna say remove meta box. And this is actually called commentsdiv. So we're going to copy that and we're removing it from the post pages and then this is the context so we're going to set it to normal and also we can remove it from the pages. And then we simply add an action, tie it to admin_init, and then, if we refresh, you're gonna see that we don't have the commons box anymore in articles or in pages. It is gone. Including from the screen options here. So yeah, that's basically how you customize these pages. You just use the remove meta box function. Now as far as adding meta boxes, well we've already covered that with these helpful metaboxes. So, it's exactly the same principle. All right, and that's it for the editing screens. Now so far, we've covered bits and pieces of the whole customization process. But what if you wanna do something radical and change the entire admin theme completely. Well that's totally possible and you'll find out how in the next lesson.

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