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1.3 Reasons You Might Consider Customization

The question we're gonna answer in this lesson is this. Why should you customize the WordPress admin? Well, first of all you have to ask yourself, who will be using that administrative interface? If you are building a WordPress site for a client and ultimately he will be using it, then you might need to style it to match the client's branding. And that may be a very simple task like replacing the default log in logo. Or it might be more complicated like creating a custom theme. However, this extends beyond the aspect of styling, because the type of website or the type of content being displayed on the front end might require some cleaning up in the back end. For example, if there is no blog involved, then it makes sense to remove or hide the blog related items. Or if there are no comments, it makes sense to hide comment related elements. Also consider the fact that not everyone is WordPress savvy. So some of your clients might find the admin UI a bit overwhelming. Therefore, cleaning up some of the things mentioned earlier will just lead to a cleaner UI, and ultimately a better experience for your client, which is always a good thing. Plus taking the time to compliment a well executed front end theme with a customized back end experience, goes a long way with a client. And it's a great way to prove your abilities. Now if you'll be the only one using the admin UI, then it also makes sense to customize, because you might have a preferred color scheme, or you might want the menu items displayed in a specific order. Or, maybe you want some different shortcuts in the admin bar. All of these are valid reasons for customizing the admin UI. And what I'm about to show you in the next couple of lessons can be achieved either by coding things yourself, or by using a plug in most of the time. I'll be showing you the coding part, since it is the hardest. But check out the lesson notes on each lesson, to find the plug in or plug ins you can use to achieve the same functionality. So, with this in mind, let's begin by learning how to clean up and customize the left menu.

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