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Free Preview: WordPress Basics: Switching to a Self-Hosted Site



WordPress.com makes it really easy to set up your WordPress site, but there are some limitations. For example, you have to pay to set up a custom domain, and you can't use custom themes like the ones on ThemeForest. That's where self-hosting comes in. When you have a self-hosted site, you can customize every aspect of your WordPress install.

This course will show you how to move your site out of WordPress.com to a self-hosted site. If you've been running a blog on WordPress.com and are considering switching to a self-hosted WordPress site, this is the course for you. Instructor Rachel McCollin will teach you the difference between the two platforms and how to self-host your site without losing any content. You'll also get some advice on how to choose a hosting provider, how to export your content, and how to install WordPress on your new server.

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1.WordPress Basics: Switching to a Self-Hosted Site
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WordPress Basics: Switching to a Self-Hosted Site