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1.1 WordPress Secure Setup Guide

Welcome to the course! In this quick introduction I’ll briefly explain the kinds of things we’ll cover in the coming lessons and what you’ll achieve.

As mentioned in the description, this course assumes you have hosting with cPanel that meets the minimum WordPress requirements.

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1.1 WordPress Secure Setup Guide

Whether you're creating Wordpress sites for your own personal use or for your clients it's incredibly important to know how to set up sites with enhanced security, a strong is SEO foundation, and speed optimization. In this course you're going to learn how to do just that from the very first step all the way through to a site that is finely tuned and ready for content to be added. Now, you'll just need to have a hosting account that meets WordPress' minimum requirements and access to C panel. So let's get started with the WordPress Secure set up guide. I'll see it in the first lesson.

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