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3.1 Wrapping Up

Congratulations, you’ve just completed the “WordPress Secure Setup Guide”! Let’s go through and touch on the major points we covered in the course, and talk about what you can do with everything you’ve learned.

3.1 Wrapping Up

Congratulations, you just finished the WordPress Security Setup Guide. We started right at the beginning and went through exactly how to install a WordPress site so that everything is secure from the files to the database. Then we went through the installation process, we made sure that your config file is secure and your admin area is secure, and then we'll do a few little extras for added security as well. Then once we're done with all the security setup, we went through everything else that you need to do to configure a new WordPress site, including getting your comments and discussion going, your SEO going, optimized. And how you can run a maintenance plan to keep your site up to date and backed up, and even though we did cover a lot of information, you can actually get this process going really quickly once you've developed some familiarity with it. The actual installation process is probably only going to take you about 10 to 15 minutes each time, and one of the things that I found really helps to speed things along is if you get some kind of multiple plugin installation plugin. For example, this one here is multiplugin installer, and basically, the way a plugin like this works is it gives you a field. You just enter in the URLs of the plugins that you wanna install, and then it will fetch all its plugins at once and install them for you. What you can do is develop a list of plugins that you personally use on all of your sites with the URLs to each of them. Then every time you set up a new site, you just start by installing this plugin, then you copy and paste all of the URLs of all the plugins that you've got a need for your set up, and then you go through in disk configure for each one. The other way to make this process really efficient is if you write yourself up a checklist. Just make a list of all the most important things that you need to do each time and then just cross them off as you work through them. Now, once you know how to do all this, it puts you in a really good position for making sure your own sites are set up properly, but it also gives you the ability to offer a service. Know what you're very familiar with the whole process to other people who want to make sure that their site to set up properly as well. When I used to freelance I used to offer a service doing all of this I charge fifty dollars and it would take me about ten to fifteen minutes and even though I could do it quite quickly. The fact that Ole of the research in time if it had been put in Save my clients are having to go through all of that work themselves and provide them with a really strong start each one of their websites. That's also really important to stay ahead of changes because this process is not the same as it was a year ago and that wasn't the same as a year before that. WordPress is constantly changing and so are the requirements for SEO and security and optimization, so the plugins that I've recommended in this course. Make sure you keep an eye on those, and that they are constantly being maintained. If they're not, then watch out for other up and coming plugins that you might need to switch to instead. I hope you feel like you've gained some insight into some extra things that you can do to really help your WordPress sites along during this setup process, and I hope that you've enjoyed the process of learning all this stuff. Thanks so much for taking this course, and I'll see you in the next one.

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