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4.1 Conclusion

In this lesson, I’ll recap what we’ve covered in the course and what you will have learned.

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4.1 Conclusion

Hello, and welcome back to this Tuts+ course on WordPress SEO without plugins. In this part of the course, I'm going to recap on what you've learned and go over everything that we've covered. So we started the course by looking at performance. And I identified how you could use a tool, such as Google's PageSpeed tools, to identify how well your site is performing, and get some tips to make it perform better. I also looked at how the hosting package that you choose is really important to your site's performance. We then went on to look at themes, and as you can see here, there are thousands of themes available. But we looked at how important the way a theme is coded is, to your sites SCO. So I showed you the code in my own theme, and how that uses code here in my head section to set a title, as well as using the h1 and h2 tags correctly in different places in the page. Having looked at themes, we then looked at the domains and the slugs and permalinks you used within your site. So I showed you how to set up pretty permalinks within your site via the Permalink Settings menu, and how important those are for your SEO and also for usability. And we also looked at how you can edit this look for an individual post. So this element here, you can change to optimize for SEO. We then went on to look at your content. And we discussed how important high quality and frequently updated content is for SEO. And I showed you how you can use the Google Keyword Primer to identify keywords and then plan your content around them. And the finally, we looked at the specifics of your content on your posts and we looked at links and media within them. So I showed you how internal links can help your SEO. And I also showed you how to optimize your media using this photo and any files that are linked within your site with this example to a PDF download. So there are some tips that you can use to optimize your site for SEO before you even consider installing an SEO plug-in. Now I'm not by any means saying that you shouldn't use SEO plug-ins. I think they can be incredibly useful and they can supercharge your SEO even more than this. But what this course has been designed to do is show you that you can optimize the SEO in your site before you start using the settings in your SEO plugin. I hope you found this course useful. Thanks for watching.

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