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1.1 Underscores (_s) WordPress Theme Creation

Underscores (_s for short) is a WordPress starter theme created by the developers of the platform, Automattic, and designed with the express purpose of giving you a “1000 hour head start” on the theme development process. There are many ways to approach any WordPress theme creation project, but in “WordPress Theme Creation With Underscores” you’ll take a crash course and soak up the most efficient method possible for pumping brand new themes out the door. Take a sneak peak at what you’re about to learn.

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1.1 Underscores (_s) WordPress Theme Creation

Underscores is a starter theme made by the same people who create WordPress itself and built expressly for developers just like you. It's designed to give you a massive head start on theme creation. With a huge stack of things you'd normally have to do by hand already coded up and ready to go. In WordPress theme creation with Underscores, you'll learn how to take a base, unchanged copy of Underscores and turn it into a complete WordPress theme. First you'll learn how to create an Underscores theme by just adding style. Without touching a single line of PHP, you'll have a great looking web press theme ready for use on any site. Next I'll step you through customizing some of the PHP files in the theme to add some awesome extra features. Even if you've never touched PHP before or worked with a WordPress theme, you'll learn how to add support for featured images, excerpts, custom widget locations, and more. When you're done, you'll have the basis you'll need for creating your own Underscores themes. Let's go ahead and get started at WordPress theme creation with Underscores. I'll see you in the first lesson.

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