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6.1 Wrapping Up

Congratulations. You've just built an entire theme using Underscores. You've created a Just Add Style version using only CSS to completely convert Underscores into a fully functional theme, and you've worked with Underscores PHP files to add in a range of extra awesome features. You now also have a tested cross compatible theme with your name written all over it. Awesome work. To keep building on your understanding of Underscores, I recommend taking some time go through each one of the files that you find in the theme and reading through the code until you feel like you know what's going inside. Experiment with creating some of your own customizations and theme designs. To help you with that, the WordPress codecs at codec.wordpress.org will be your best friend as a theme developer. You see some PHP in a template file you don't understand, search for it at the codecs and you'll most likely find help. And as for the non-Wordpress parts of building out your themes, you might also like to take a look at my Responsive Web Design Revisited course to get the latest on responsive web design, and my Bombproof Web Design course, to learn about making websites that are fully cross compatible. So thanks so much for taking WordPress In Creation with Underscores. I hope you have great time and I'll see you in the next course.

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