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2.10 Accessibility

Hey, welcome back to WordPress Themes, things to think about before you buy. This is the last lesson in the course and we're gonna be taking a quick look at accessibility. Accessibility is the term that we use to refer to making sure that a website is accessible for everybody. There are a few measures that you can take to make sure that sites can be interacted with by screen readers, that they're as easy as possible to read for people who may have visual impairments, there's a whole bunch of stuff. And luckily, from your end of the equation, you don't actually have to know a lot of detail about all of the little different things that need to be done on the developers end. All you need to do is grab an accessibility audit tool like this one here and then just run an automated test on a theme you're considering purchasing and just seeing how the score comes out. Now, I would say that running a theme through this type of test is a good idea for any website, no matter what. Just because it's a good thing to do to try to make life as easy as possible for people who are already dealing with some difficulties. It's really difficult to browse the Internet if you're depending on screen readers and assistive technologies. So it's just a good thing to do try to smooth that much as possible. It doesn't cost you anything to make sure that a site is accessible and it can really help to make somebody's life easier. On top of that as well, if you happen to know that your audience is more likely to be dealing with these types of problems, then you should be even more focused on making sure you have a good accessibility score. So say, for example, the age group of your visitors tends towards being a little older, then you're more likely to have people who's eyesight is not what it was when they were younger. And you just wanna make life as easy on them as you possibly can. So this is a plugin for Chrome, again, I'll give you a link in the description below this video. You just install it into Chrome and then you run an accessibility audit in the exact same way that we were just running a performance audit on a theme. So let's check out some examples, once again, we'll get some examples of themes that are doing things the right way. Now, this theme in particular is excellent because it does everything absolutely 100% right to make sure that this theme is fully accessible. So, control shift I to open up the Chrome Developer tools. We've got our little audit panel here, we're gonna hit Perform an Audit. And then instead of ticking the Performance box, we're gonna tick the Accessibility box. And this will only appear if you have installed that plugin and then we'll just run the audit and there we go. It's got the maximum possible score for accessibility, 100 points out of 100. And then what you can do is expand this little thing here, and it's gonna show you all of the things that this theme is doing correctly. Now, some of this is gonna be a little bit technical, so you don't need to necessarily invest time in learning what all of these things mean. But some of them are a bit more self-explanatory, things like color contrast is satisfactory. So for example, you don't wanna have a theme that puts gray text on a gray background with just slightly different shades and then the text starts to blend into the background. You wanna make sure that there's enough contrast in the colors of foreground information against background decoration. So you can go through that and dig into it and learn more about those things if you want. But all you really need to do is just run this audit and make sure that this score is pretty good. Now, 100 is ideal, but if you can't get 100, then just go for the highest score you can. So here's another example, we'll run an audit on this Coollab theme. Now, you're seeing some crosses there, but don't necessarily be alarmed because we've still got a score of 89. It's in the green, so that's not too bad, and you can have a look at the areas that it hasn't passed well. And you can assess how much of an issue you think that's gonna cause for your site visitors. So in the best possible example we have eight passed audits, this one has passed seven, so it's still pretty good, but you got a couple of little things. Like here, background and foreground colors don't have a sufficient contrast ratio and that will make it a little bit harder for some people to read your site. Let's look at another couple of examples, so out of interest I've pulled up the best selling theme on ThemeForest and the best rated theme on ThemeForest. Now let's see how they perform on the accessibility audit. There we go 97 out of 100, that's, again, a really good score. The only thing that's been flagged here is that there should be a little bit more color contrast between the foreground and background. So that is probably coming from areas like here, where you can see there's a light gray on a dark gray, pretty much exactly what I described earlier. But that's something you can also work around by putting your main content somewhere else on the screen. But overall, 97 out of 100, 97%, that's a really good score, so I would count that as definitely a passing grade. Now, let's try this theme, the Composer theme. Run our accessibility audit, so there we go. We've got eight passed audits again and a score of 94 out of 100, which is, again, very good. Just have a couple of little items here that would make things marginally more difficult for someone using assistive technologies. But overall they've got a lot of things in there that are gonna make life easier for somebody who's using assistive technologies or dealing with visual impairment. So those are a few examples to show you around the level that you really wanna target. And you can refer back to this theme, as an example of perfection in this particular category. And that's something that's pretty rare, it's pretty rare to find something that's perfect. So as I've said a few times throughout this course, don't necessarily expect that you're gonna be able to find a theme that's perfect in every way. Just try to evaluate which things are most important for your project and try to find a theme that has a passing grade in these categories even if it doesn’t necessarily have a perfect grade. All right, so that is the end of the final lesson in this course. In the next video we're just going to summarize everything that we've gone through into a nutshell so that you have a video you can come to and get a quick reference on all of the things that you should consider before you buy a WordPress theme. So we're gonna wrap everything up in the next video, I'll see you there.

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