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2.1 How to Evaluate a Theme

Hey welcome to the first lesson in WordPress themes, things to check before you buy. Before we start actually getting into the practical steps of evaluating a theme, we're gonna have to talk about the overall way that you should look at evaluating a theme when you're looking for something to go with a specific project. So a specific website that you're setting up for a specific type of application. So we're gonna be going through nine different areas that you should check out with each one of your themes that you consider buying, or that you should at least be aware of the considerations for each one of these nine areas. Most likely you've already seen what these nine areas are by looking at the list of lessons that are included in this course. But just quickly, I'm gonna go through and list them. We'll be looking into whether sites are responsive and mobile friendly. Whether they're cross browser compatible. Whether they have well crafted typography. Whether they're ready for the eventuality that a person is not using JavaScript in their browser. Whether they've got a full support for WordPress templates and formatting. Whether they're using structured data. Whether they support the plug-ins you're gonna need. Whether they are performant and whether they are accessible? Now, the first thing that you're probably gonna have to be aware of is that the the likelihood of finding a theme that is perfect in every one of these categories is extremely low. So far I have not found a single theme that is perfect across the board but that’s okay. What’s most important is that you have a really solid understanding of what your specific project is going to need and then you can wait each one of these areas. Each one of these nine categories, you can weight them depending on how important they're gonna be for your project. So then, if you know that there's one specific area that you really, really need your them to be perfect in, you can evaluate the theme for that specific area. And then you can say, okay, well, it's not as strong in this other area, but because it's still gonna fit what my project needs, this is overall the best theme for what I'm trying to achieve. So as we go through each one of the subsequent lessons in this course, we're gonna talk not only about the practicalities of how to find out if a theme is strong in a particular area. But also how to think about how important that strength or weakness is for what you are trying to achieve with your website project. So don't worry when you do start looking at themes and you find, it's weak in this area and it's weak in that area. Don't throw your hands up in frustration because you can't find the perfect theme. What it's really about is finding the right theme for what you wanna do. So in the next lesson, we're gonna start going through these topics, going through these categories of theme evaluation, and we're gonna start how you can look into whether a theme is responsive and mobile friendly. So we'll check out how you can make sure your theme works well in different sized browsers, on different sized screens, with different pixel densities and with different methods of interaction. So we're gonna get into all of that in the next lesson. I'll see you there.

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