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2.3 Email Templates

Writing your emails from scratch can be pretty time consuming, even when using a framework like Foundation. However, the chances are that the email you want to create has a common, familiar structure—for example, a newsletter or a “welcome email”.

For most scenarios, Foundation has you covered by providing 11 customisable email templates. Let’s check them out.

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2.3 Email Templates

Writing your emails from scratch can be a pretty time consuming task especially with a framework like Foundation. But chances are the emails you need to write have a pretty common structure. So to help you with that, foundation comes with 11 pre-defined customizable e-mail templates that you can use and adapt to your own needs. So, let's check these out and see what they're all about. To access them go to your foundationsorg.com/emails. And then click on the email templates link. Here you can see a list of these. You can download them or you can view some tests that were performed using litmus. So inside litmus, you're gonna see a preview of each email in a whole bunch of email clients, which is really, really good. So here's one for a basic email, and let's check out another one like for example, newsletter. Here's the one for a newsletter. Let's see actually open this in outlook window. Litmus is great by the way. It really gives you a lot of information about this, the email clients, the operating system you can cycle between different clients. You can enter a comparison view if you want. And that will give you a comparison between two email clients. Pretty cool stuff. Now, if you want to download these templates, you actually have to give a foundation a couple of details and they'll send you a download link to your email address. But the good thing about it is that they'll also send you three free exclusive design tutorials, which they're free. So, [LAUGH] they're the best kind, I guess. Now, these templates are also available to you in the CSS version and in the SAS version. And I'm just gonna show them to you in the SAS version. You might have seen them in the previous video. If you go to SRC pages, you're gonna see them right here. Of course, you'll just see the code and they are written using Inky. But this should give you a pretty good start when it comes to writing your e-mail. Now, if your email does not fit any of these templates, you need to write it from scratch. And to do that, you need to know how this code works. We're gonna have a look at that in the next lesson. So I'll see you there.

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