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3.1 Final Thoughts

In this course, we’ve looked at how to use plain JavaScript to accomplish several tasks that we might usually rely on jQuery for. With any luck, you’ve realised that there are plenty of common front-end tasks for which you don’t actually need jQuery. Thank you for watching!

3.1 Final Thoughts

Hello, and welcome back to You Don't Need jQuery for that. In this course, we have discussed several tasks that web designers commonly use jQuery for, and we've talked about how we can accomplish those same tasks using nothing more than plain JavaScript. Now at this point, I should probably point out that I still use jQuery quite a bit. But if you're only pulling in the framework in order to achieve just one or two small tasks, then it might be better just to use plain JavaScript. So, I hope you've learned a lot from this course. Again, my name is Craig Campbell, and I'll see you next time.

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