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A Career on the Web: Assuming Leadership


Taking the step from being a member of a digital team to becoming a leader can be quite overwhelming. Even if you've proven that you excel in the technical aspects of your job, a leadership position will naturally confront you with entirely new challenges which also call for new skills. After all, a team is as good as its leader, right?

To help you overcome the initial insecurities that such a big responsibility brings along, we have compiled only the most valuable advice from fellow industry leaders in this eBook. It is a trusty companion, no matter whether you are about to build a team from scratch or have been promoted to leading an existing team of web designers and developers. 

Whether you’re struggling with hiring good employees, leading new web professionals, making side projects work as intended, or organizing internal training sessions, this eBook will share with you all the practical knowledge and fresh ideas you need in order to improve your leadership skills and foster a passionate and agile team.

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January 1, 2014