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A Field Guide to User Research


User research is an effective strategy to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience—a crucial step in order to choose efficient design solutions and build smart products. But what has to be considered when conducting user research? What methods have proven themselves in practice? And how do you finally integrate your findings into the design process? With this eBook, you will learn to take the guesswork out of your design decisions and base them on real-life experiences and user needs instead.

To get you started, we’ll consider various research methods and techniques, but we will also tackle the more practical aspects (and difficulties) which face-to-face research brings along. So learning to identify potential research partners and finding the right questions to ask during an interview is part of this eBook—as well as presenting your findings and using them to iterate on your products’ designs. 

If you feel that you and your team make a lot of decisions based on assumptions, then this eBook is your jump start into a more user-centered design process. Find the techniques that fit into your workflow and start to discover the actual problems—and unmet needs—of potential users first-hand.

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January 1, 2014