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Accessibility for Everyone


You make the web more inclusive for everyone, everywhere, when you design with accessibility in mind. Let Laura Kalbag guide you through the accessibility landscape: understand disability and impairment challenges; get a handle on important laws and guidelines; and learn how to plan for, evaluate, and test accessible design. Leverage tools and techniques like clear copywriting, well-structured IA, meaningful HTML, and thoughtful design, to create a solid set of best practices. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned pro, get sure footing on the path to designing with accessibility.

Accessibility for Everyone

What People Are Saying

This book does a great job of highlighting the necessity for accessible and inclusive design. It brings to a head the idea that making the web useful for everyone is the responsibility of all web professionals. Accessibility for Everyone proves its value immediately with invaluable ideas and tips—for both beginners and professionals.
Nicole Dominguez, User Interface Designer and Developer
Accessibility for Everyone is packed with practical techniques that we can use to improve the quality of our work right away. Laura illuminates everything our day-to-day work can be: meaningful, purposeful, and inclusive. It’s a guide to the part we can play in the web’s incredible potential—connecting people around the world not just to the sum of all human knowledge, but to each other.
Mat Marquis, Author of JavaScript for Web Designers
Accessibility for Everyone is an essential handbook for anyone involved in digital production. It’s an enjoyable and practical introduction to accessibility, covering everything from background knowledge to front-end implementation (and many things between).
Léonie Watson, Cochair of the W3C Web Platform Working Group

About the Author

Laura Kalbag is a designer from the UK. She’s one third of Ind.ie, a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age. At Ind.ie, Laura follows the Ethical Design Manifesto, and works on a web privacy tool called Better.

Laura does everything from design to development while learning how to run a sustainable social enterprise. She strives to make privacy and broader ethics in technology accessible to a wide audience. You can typically find her making design decisions, writing CSS, nudging icon pixels, or distilling a privacy policy into something humans can understand. Sometimes, she speaks at conferences and writes articles, too.

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September 26, 2017