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Client Centric Web Design


Other than Internet Explorer, what is the most challenging part of your job? Did you answer clients? If so this eBook is for you. Discover how to keep your clients happy, maintain your own sanity and produce the most effective websites you have ever built, resulting in happier clients, better websites, and improved job satisfaction.

Be treated as an expert

You will discover that mutual respect between yourself and the client is key to success. We will explain how to change your attitude towards clients and encourage them to see you as an expert.

Learn how education can save you time and money

Working with clients should be an education for both yourself and the client. You will discover why understanding the client's business and teaching them about web design best practice will mean projects stay on time and within budget.

Improve how you communicate with clients

Client centric web design is about good communication. We explain why communication is a vital part of working with clients and how to improve your communication skills.

Master the art of working collaboratively with clients

Many web designers exclude the client from the web design process by limiting iterations and opportunities for comment. Client centric web design takes the opposite approach. You will master new ways to give the client a sense of ownership over their site, so ensuring the sign off process goes smoothly.

Get feedback that helps rather than hinders

When a client tells you to change the colour or move an element, it does nothing to help. What if you could get feedback that provided real, valuable insights, that helped improve the site? We show you how to do this as well as how to handle unhelpful feedback.

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