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Creating Content That Matters


Although the subject of many misconceptions and misunderstandings, the phrase “Content is king” is used quite liberally; yet we still seem to have difficulty creating content that really matters. Creating compelling content is essential to drive your ideas, products, and ultimately, your business forward. 

So how do you prioritize, and how do you select what is and what isn’t valuable to your users? And, most importantly, where should you start, in order to avoid getting lost in your good intentions and myriads of ideas?

To support you on your way while tackling this challenge and refining your content skills, we’ve teamed up with our dear friends at Newfangled, who—among many other things—develop content strategies and regularly share their experiences and lessons learned on their blog. Some of the most valuable tips, techniques and strategies are now neatly bundled in this eBook.

Creating Content That Matters will guide you through the different stages of developing a meaningful content strategy and finally putting it into practice. Learn what good content is all about and discover essential tools that will help simplify your daily work. In addition, the authors cover SEO basics and ongoing changes in content strategy (nothing dubious here, only strategies that have proven themselves in practice) and provide you with tips on how to know if your content is actually working. 

These and more interesting thoughts and best practices are waiting for you on the following pages. Prepare to rethink your current practices and start thinking strategically about your content. 

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January 1, 2014