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Creativity Lessons for Web Designers


“Creativity” is a term that often communicates something mysterious and nearly magical. That's something that we are blessed with, something like an ambivalent, secret power that one moment strikes us unexpectedly, and then puts us on hold when we desperately try to come up with an idea. But the infamous creative spark isn't as random as we might think.

This eBook is a collection of creativity lessons that may help you overcome a creative trough. Our Smashing authors provide some general insights into the process of creativity, discuss some interesting aspects, such as why it is important to also have a life outside the web, and also present useful hands-on tips on how to develop fresh approaches to given problems. 

In addition, Creativity Lessons for Web Designers also shares some inspiring design projects and what made them unforgettable. As you will see, creativity has nothing to do with magic, but is often just a matter of perspective.

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January 1, 2013