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Designing for Email


HTML email has the reputation of being a particularly tough design medium. Buggy email clients can strip out your CSS, and one-to-many emails can sometimes provoke suspicion in readers, so building compelling emails is quite a challenge for designers. With opening rates on mobile growing tremendously, things don’t get any easier either. 

If you haven’t ventured on the task yet or want to improve your existing email design skills, then this eBook offers the practical advice you need, whether you want to share your stories in a newsletter or use email to market your product.

After taking a look at the current state of HTML email design, you'll get to grips with optimizing email for mobile, and learn to build your own modular email construction kit that you can draw on to cater for best results on desktop, web and mobile clients. We'll also explore handy tips to raise your email above inbox noise—with a friendly tone and engaging content (no dirty tricks here!)—and consider missteps that you should avoid. Building HTML emails certainly does require some fiddling around, but it's definitely worth it. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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January 1, 2014