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Digital Adaptation


Nothing is more frustrating than stubborn management entangled in dated workflows and inefficient processes. That’s why we created Digital Adaptation, a new practical book on how to help senior management understand the web and adapt the business, culture, team structure and workflows accordingly. No fluff, no theory—just techniques and strategies that worked in practice and showed results.

The web has changed the rules of business. The best practices of the industrial economy no longer apply in the digital age. What was once safe ground is no longer so, and organizations need to adapt.

Sector after sector has been transformed by the new digital economy. Newspapers have found advertising revenue and readership evaporate, music retailers have shut their door in the face of digital downloads, and companies like Blockbuster have been supplanted by digital offerings such as Netflix. To think your sector will be an exception is to underestimate the profound impact of the web on society and business. It will not be long before new post-digital companies begin to disrupt your sector, too.

If you’ve got enough of your co-workers not understanding the web, Digital Adaptation is just what you need—ideas and concepts that you can put in front of senior management to make real changes.

About the Author

Paul Boag is the founder of UK web design agency Headscape, author of the Website Owner's Manual, and host of award-winning web design podcast Boagworld.

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January 1, 2014