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Getting the Hang of Web Typography


Getting the Hang of Web Typography is dedicated to web workers that are dealing with typography in their daily lives, but have no special training for this independent craft. This eBook gives you the necessary background on macro- and microtypography, it helps you to choose suitable fonts and use modern techniques such as Web font embedding. It’s a valuable book that helps you to create rich, sophisticated Web sites with beautiful and elegant Web typography.

The implications of desktop publishing, where anybody who has access to a computer can set type, have led to a flood of poorly designed brochures, flyers and web pages. In Web design especially illegible text, incorrect use of punctuation marks and inappropriate font combinations or use of line widths are frequent. The new techniques that Web fonts offer might bring about even worse examples of ugly and illegible Web typography.

Getting the Hang of Web Typography is a collection of Smashing Magazine’s best and most recent articles on web typography with one additional article series and glossary. You can use this eBook as reference work for your projects.

Table of Contents

The Ails Of Typographic Anti-Aliasing
10 Principles For Readable Web Typograph
5 Principles and Ideas of Setting Type on the Web
Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design
8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography in Your Designs
Typographic Design Patterns and Best Practices
The Typography Dress Code: Principles of Choosing and Using Typefaces
Best Practices of Combining Typefaces
Guide to CSS Font Stacks: Techniques and Resources
New Typographic Possibilities with CSS 3
Good Old @Font-Face Rule Revisited
The Current Web Font Formats
Review of Popular Web Font Embedding Services
How to Embed Web Fonts from your Server
Web Typography: Work-arounds, Tips and Tricks
10 Useful Typography Tools

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