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JavaScript for Web Designers


If staring down JavaScript leaves you unsteady, take heart. Mat Marquis is at your side, offering a detailed yet approachable tour around this essential language. Make your way through plenty of practical examples, as you pick up syntax rules, the fundamentals of scripting, and how to handle data types and loops. You’ll emerge clear-eyed and confident—and ready to get to work.

JavaScript for Web Designers

What People Are Saying

Mat consistently demonstrates empathy for you (his reader), your users, and the future maintainers of your code, making this book a great companion for any web designer looking to take on more programming responsibilities.
Mike Pennisi, Software Consultant at Bocoup
JavaScript is here, in full force. You hold in your hands a book that clearly explains the essentials you really need to know. Mat will teach you how to write running code for real websites and give you a firm grasp on JavaScript’s building blocks.
Jen Simmons, Host of The Web Ahead
When I first tried learning JavaScript, I gave up, deciding it was impossible. It was only a year later that I went back, gave it another go, and started to get it. This book would have saved me that year. It covers not only understanding JavaScript, but also how to use it responsibly within the browser. You won't find that in many other books, which is why there are so many bad experiences on the web.
Jake Archibald, Developer Advocate for Google Chrome

About the Author

Mat “Wilto” Marquis makes websites for a living at Bocoup and curses at his broken-down motorcycle for free on the streets of North Cambridge. Mat is Chair of the Responsive Issues Community Group, technical editor at A List Apart, a former member of the jQuery Mobile team, and editor of the W3C HTML5 specification. All this considered, Mat is most proud of having finished Mega Man 2—on difficult—without losing a single life.

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September 28, 2016