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Making Sense of Color Management


Get clarity in the tricky endeavor of managing colors from initial design to final product. Learn why colors shift, the science behind the human eye and color profiles, and how to set up your image editor and development environment for consistent color. Craig Hockenberry takes you through every step of color management, with indispensable advice on readying your work and workflows for new technologies.

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What People Are Saying

For years, engineers and designers have mostly stumbled through color management, understanding it ‘just enough’ to ship an asset to the web or an app. As devices move to wide color, a deeper and more practical understanding is vital, and Craig’s book provides exactly that. In fact, I’ve put his advice to use for Instagram.
Mike Krieger, Co-Founder and CTO at Instagram
Making Sense of Color Management demystifies a confusing topic, often assumed to be only a print designer’s concern. Hockenberry has wrangled this science-heavy topic into an enjoyable, easy-to-understand guide that will change the way you think about color. Essential for designers with any background.
Geri Coady, Author of Colour Accessibility
Working with digital color has always been equal parts arcane knowledge, luck, and confusion. This book removes the mystery and makes managing color manageable.
Jason Santa Maria, Author of On Web Typography

About the Author

Craig Hockenberry has been making software since 1976 and built his first website at 14.4 kilobits per second. He’s a principal at the Iconfactory, a company that’s been changing the face of our computers for over 20 years. His writing has helped many fellow developers in their work, and that makes him happy. So does a Manhattan.

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December 8, 2016