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Mastering Fireworks


With an interface similar to other creative software from Adobe, Fireworks allows web designers to create interfaces and prototypes for their websites. It's especially helpful to see whether your application works properly before moving onto the development stage. This eBook shows you what can be achieved with Adobe Fireworks, such as creating interactive prototypes, time savers, parent libraries and extracting logos. You might even rethink your workflow after finishing the book.

If you are looking for more information about Adobe Fireworks, this eBook might be exactly what you are looking for.

Table of Contents

  • The Power of Adobe Fireworks: What Can You Achieve With It?
  • Developing A Design Workflow In Adobe Fireworks
  • Refining Your Design In Adobe Fireworks
  • Interactive Prototypes And Time Savers With Adobe Fireworks
  • Create Interactive Prototypes With Adobe Fireworks
  • Simulating The Letterpress: From Live Filters In Fireworks To CSS Code
  • Extracting Logos Using Levels In Adobe Fireworks
  • Creating a Pattern Library with Evernote and Fireworks
  • Create Demo: An Easy Way to Present Adobe Fireworks Design Prototypes

Excerpt From Chapter 3

Refining Your Design In Adobe Fireworks — by Benjamin De Cock

"While certainly not as well known as Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks is a great tool for creating user interfaces, website designs and mock-ups, wireframes, icons, and much more. However, most designers who have been using Photoshop for years may find Fireworks a bit awkward at first. Fireworks does have a slightly different workflow and requires a slightly different approach than you may be used to.

In this article, I’ll share some tips that I use in my work in Adobe Fireworks that could help improve the quality of your designs and workflow. Some of these tips are just quick explanations of features that you might not be aware of, while some are techniques and methods to improve the default visual results."

Excerpt From Chapter 5

Create Interactive Prototypes With Adobe Fireworks — by André Reinegger

"Prototypes are also essential in web projects. For example, when you plan an online ordering process, you have to be sure that every step is correct and that no critical elements are missing. Usually, you would create different screens for all pages of a website, ordering process or application workflow, and then describe the connection between them. This way you can see whether the interactions work as expected, you can test the product with different users, and your client can review it.

However, a static prototype is much harder to review and test — usually it is just a bunch of images (with some explanatory notes here and there), and grasping the connection between them may be hard. Why not make things more dynamic, and easier for the client, with the help of Adobe Fireworks?"

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