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Mobile First


Our industry’s long wait for the complete, strategic guide to mobile web design is finally over. Former Yahoo! design architect and co-creator of Bagcheck Luke Wroblewski knows more about mobile experience than the rest of us, and packs all he knows into this entertaining, to-the-point guidebook. Its data-driven strategies and battle tested techniques will make you a master of mobile—and improve your non-mobile design, too!

Mobile First

What People Are Saying

Luke doesn’t just rely on his wondrous wit and marvellous writing style to make an overwhelmingly convincing argument for designing the mobile experience first; he also hammers home all of his points with oodles and oodles of scrumptious data.
Jeremy Keith, Author of HTML5 for Web Designers
This is the update to ‘Mobile Web Design’ I wish I’d written. It’s a concise opus filled to the brim with great examples of mobile design, supported by sound advice, research, and tips from Mr. W himself.
Cameron Moll, Founder of Authentic Jobs
By coupling insightful design patterns to common-sense principles, Luke’s ‘Mobile First’ is the beginning of a quiet revolution, its title the rallying cry that should be on the lips of every web designer.
Ethan Marcotte, Author of Responsive Web Design

About the Author

Luke Wroblewski is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Input Factory Inc. Luke’s previous venture, Bagcheck (where he was Co-Founder and CPO), was acquired by Twitter just nine months after being launched publicly. Before he was founding start-ups, Luke was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Benchmark Capital, the Chief Design Architect (VP) at Yahoo!, Lead User Interface Designer at eBay, and the author of three popular web design books (Mobile First, Web Form Design, and Site-Seeing).

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October 18, 2011