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Navigation & Interaction: Vol 2


While users expect content to be unique and exciting, they also prefer clear, predictable patterns when it comes to navigation. After all, navigation is merely a means to an end: consuming content without hassle and without spending too much time looking for it. The foundation of a solid, frustration-free user experience thus lies in a well-structured, simple navigation system. But which design decisions have really been proven to work well in practice?

With the help of this eBook, we want to encourage you to rethink how you design navigation. Our authors share smart techniques on how to effectively simplify the navigation experience and explore approaches to handle unique navigational challenges, such as in responsive websites and large-scale projects. 

You'll also find out how small interaction details can improve the user experience. The practical tips and real-life examples presented throughout this eBook will help you see your design decisions in a wider context. It's a handy companion for any project.

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January 1, 2014