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On Web Typography


Typography is your design’s voice and the most powerful tool you have to communicate with your readers. Learn how to wield type with care and wit: how to evaluate typefaces, consider technical constraints, create flexible typographic systems, and put together your own collection of favorite faces.

Jason Santa Maria wants you to see type beyond code or flourishes. You’ll discover how typography shapes the way we read and how you can adapt the craft’s practices for the screen. So go ahead. Choose, combine, and set typefaces with ease—and invite readers in.

On Web Typography

What People Are Saying

Strong opinions. Clear explanations. Friendly advice. Jason brings the qualities infused in his design work to this book as well. Read on, and design with confidence.
Jeffrey Veen, CEO of Typekit
If the devil is in the details, then Jason has written an evil book. It illuminates how to see type in story and images, then describes how to adapt type for the web. This is the book a whole new generation of design students will dog-ear.
Liz Danzico, Chair of MFA Interaction Design at SVA
Most typography books are unnecessarily dry, preachy, and fussy. Fortunately, with On Web Typography, designing with type for screens finally has the clear, wise, and affable introduction the practice deserves.
Frank Chimero, Author of The Shape of Design

About the Author

Jason Santa Maria is a graphic designer with a deep love for letters. He’s the founder of Brooklyn-based design firm Mighty; a faculty member at SVA’s MFA Interaction Design program; a co-founder of A Book Apart; and the founder of Typedia, a shared online encyclopedia of typefaces. Previously, he co-founded the collaborative writing platform Editorially; he also served as the vice president of AIGA/NY and as the creative director for A List Apart and Typekit. He has designed websites that balance beauty and usability for clients such as AIGA, The Chicago Tribune, Housing Works, Miramax Films, The New York Stock Exchange, PBS, The United Nations, and WordPress. He discusses design on his award-winning website.

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August 5, 2014