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Professional Web Design


Web design, with its wide range of disciplines and fields, is not an easy nut to crack. However, it is possible to put together a book with some of the crucial principles and fundamentals that you will need for every project you take on.

Learn about the harsh truths of corporate Web design and the troubles you are bound to run into. Create effective online portfolios with optimized user experiences, without the usual trial and error. Use storytelling to create engaging user experiences. Impress clients by staying on top of enhancements and Web standards. And in case you’re wondering how to handle clients, we have some professional advice on how to deal with exceptional situations and customer requests.

This guide to Professional Web Design was carefully selected, prepared and edited to bring you the most useful Web design advice from Smashing Magazine’s articles. Know where you stand, put your situation in perspective, and get the advice you’ve been looking for.

This eBook presents guidelines for professional Web development, including communicating with clients, creating a road map to a successful portfolio, rules for professional networking and tips on designing user interfaces for business Web applications. The book shares expert advice, and it also helps you learn how to respond effectively to design criticism, use storytelling for a better user experience and apply color theory to your professional designs.

Table of Contents

  • Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites
  • Portfolio Design Study: Design Patterns
  • Creating A Successful Online Portfolio
  • Better User Experience With Storytelling
  • Designing User Interfaces For Business Web Applications
  • Progressive Enhancement And Standards Do Not Limit Web Design
  • Color Theory for Professional Designers
  • Is John The Client Dense or Are You Failing Him?
  • How To Identify and Deal With Different Types Of Clients
  • How To Respond Effectively To Design Criticism
  • Web Designer’s Guide to Professional Networking
  • Group Interview: Expert Advice For Students and Young Web Designers
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