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Responsible Responsive Design


Responsive design has immeasurably improved multi-device, multi-browser visual layout—but it’s only the first step in building responsively. Learn how to turn a critical eye on your designs as you develop for new contexts (what does mobile really mean?) and screen features, speedy and lagging networks, and truly global audiences. Serve the right content across platforms, and tune for performance. Scott Jehl tackles those topics and more, ensuring that the sites and apps you build today last far into the future.

Responsible Responsive Design

What People Are Saying

Building for the responsive web isn’t easy. Luckily, Scott has done the hard work for us, leading research and developing much of the foundation we use to make responsive sites. Scott has laid out his expertise amongst these pages; slurp it up.
Paul Irish, Google Chrome
Responsible Responsive Design introduces a holistic approach to today’s design challenges. Scott gracefully navigates us through these complexities with a constant focus on, and empathy for, our end user. This should be required reading for anyone building on the web.
Lara Hogan, Author of Designing for Performance
I know that websites need to look good everywhere. I know that they need to work under any circumstances. I know that they need to be fast. It’s hard. Scott shows us what we need to think about and that hope is not lost.
Chris Coyier, Co-Founder of CodePen

About the Author

Scott Jehl is a web designer and developer. He works alongside the bright folks at Filament Group, with clients such as the Boston Globe, LEGO Systems, Inc., Global News Canada, eBay, and more. In 2010, he cowrote Designing with Progressive Enhancement. Scott has also spoken at conferences like An Event Apart, Breaking Development, and Mobilism. He is an active participant in the open-source community, releasing projects on GitHub that focus on accessible, sustainable, and performance-oriented practices for cross-device development. Scott lives in Seagrove Beach, Florida.

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November 19, 2014