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The Elements of Content Strategy


Content strategy is the web’s hottest new thing. But where did it come from? Why does it matter? And what does the content renaissance mean for you? This brief guide explores content strategy’s roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not only how it’s done, but how you can do it well. A compelling read for both experienced content strategists and those making the transition from other fields.

The Elements of Content Strategy

What People Are Saying

Erin Kissane is a magical writer and veteran content strategist, and her neat little book provides the ‘how’ to Kristina Halvorson’s ‘why.’ This brief, brilliant treatise is the guidebook the industry has clamored for.
Jeffrey Zeldman, Author of Designing with Web Standards
Erin Kissane wrote a book about content strategy and you’re reading quotes on the website to decide if you should buy it? It’s insightful, funny, and certainly well-written. But you don’t need me to tell you that.
Karen McGrane, Managing Partner of Bond Art + Science

About the Author

Erin Kissane edits magazines, websites, does content strategy for institutions and companies, and reads a lot. She currently edits Contents magazine and Knight-Mozilla OpenNews’s Source community site for journalists who code. She was formerly editorial director at Happy Cog Studios and a lead content strategist at Brain Traffic, and she edited A List Apart magazine for a long time. She lives in Brooklyn and tweets at @Kissane.

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March 8, 2011