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The Manual: Issue 3


For our third issue, we have articles and lessons contributioned by: Paul Soulellis, Tiffani Jones Brown, Nina Stössinger, Duane King, Jeremy Keith, and Ethan Marcotte.

Issue 3 is currently available as a hardback print edition, designed by Jez Burrows. In this issue

  • A recovering perfectionist, Paul Soulellis embraces chance and vulnerability, and calls for humility within the design community.
  • Tiffani Jones Brown defines passion as a practice, a process, a current.
  • Nina Stössinger looks typography in the eye and examines the inglorious, invisible craft of making text work.
  • From text to hypertext, Duane King examines the evolution of the reading experience, as well as the opportunity and responsibility that comes with bringing text to life.
  • Tracing the history of hypertext, Jeremy Keith examines the power of building connections across an ever-expanding body of knowledge.
  • To establish a sense of history and elevate conversation, Ethan Marcotte advocates for learning from our past and acknowledging our influences.

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June 28, 2012