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The Sketch Handbook


With practical examples, The Sketch Handbook will guide you through every aspect of Sketch in 12 jam-packed chapters. Based on the sample project “Visit Austria”—the loveliest places of the Central European country—it will teach you how to design:

  • a multi-screen mobile app
  • a responsive article with different breakpoints
  • a variety of icons
  • some fun projects 
  • and much, much, more

You will also learn about the most recommended plugins and get many useful tips, tricks, and best practices.

Simply put, the book will make you a proficient user of Sketch.

What People Are Saying

I learned so many practical tips about Sketch in your book! Plus the project orientation helped me think about bigger issues, such as layer organization, managing responsive design, etc. It's often hard to pull those ideas out in a book that's organized more around individual capabilities of a tool.
Amy Travis
Most tech books focus on technique, with examples that are difficult to relate to. Christian Krammer really gets it. The Sketch Handbook is instantly useful. I’ve been doing user experience for 19 years and this book gave me a whole new (and better) workflow. My highest recommendations.
Dave Linabury
It (The Sketch Handbook) has been extremely useful and certainly worth the investment. The tools you recommend and the tutorials were simply invaluable. I would say that your book should be a necessity in any current UI design course.
Robert K.

About the Author

Christian Krammer is a web designer and Sketch app pro. He has run the site sketchtips.info for almost three years and has published countless tips and tricks about Sketch on that site. Christian also released two Sketch courses on Skillshare. When he’s not fiddling around with Sketch, he loves to spend time with his family or watch a good movie. Follow him on Twitter for some great Sketch tips.

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January 1, 2016