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The Smashing Book #4: New Perspectives on Web Design


Written by well-respected designers and developers, the 4th Smashing Book contains lots of actionable takeaways that will help you in your daily routine. Think of it as a reliable playbook for issues that keep following you in every project. This book is for you because you’ll discover plenty of valuable, time-saving techniques that will improve your workflow right away.

The concept of Smashing Book 4 is focused on practical techniques, strategies, and approaches that haven't been thoroughly discussed and adopted by the community just yet. We’d like to challenge you to look beyond what's usually done.

The book features valuable insights into large-scale projects, adaptive interfaces, customer support, user psychology, and typography. We also uncover smart front-end strategies and obscure back-end techniques, and find out what it takes to improve website performance for faster and more robust apps.

What People Are Saying

Smashing Book 4 provides logical, practical, real-world examples of what’s wrong with modern sites and how to fix them. [..] I want the Web to win. But to do so, Web development has to match its age and live up to the responsibility it has earned. The book takes a big step in guiding that transition for both products and people, making it a book I would very strongly recommend for everyone involved in Web development.
Dudley Storey, Author of Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5
Currently reading a preview of Smashing Book #4. Each chapter updates you on one important area of Web development and Web design which is really useful given the hectic pace seemingly every aspect of our industry is moving at. Nice to have it all distilled in one book.
 Jamie Mason, JavaScript Developer
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Preview for The Smashing Book #4: New Perspectives on Web Design
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