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Work Smart, Live Healthy


Web design is more than a job. It’s a passion. However, keeping up with the intense pace at which the web industry is moving can feel quite intimidating at times, and stress or even burnout can strike all of us someday. With this eBook, we want to raise awareness of those aspects of the web industry which are not frequently talked about. It’s not about frameworks, code or scripts for a change—today, it’s about you.

This eBook focuses on practical tips and strategies to foster a balanced lifestyle, but we also want to take into account those moments when things get tougher than usual by addressing a topic which is still often a taboo: mental health. 

Consider this eBook as permission to let go a little, to step away from the web from time to time, so that you can tackle the job you love with more energy and provide more room for fresh ideas. Even if you feel as if everything is going smoothly for you (which is fantastic!), there are still a good number of valuable eye-openers in here which will prove to be useful to everyone who is a part of this fast-moving industry.

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January 1, 2014