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Quick Tip: Get Free and Easy Mockups With “The Mockup Club”

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In this quick tip we’re going to talk about mockups; more specifically, the kind of mockups that you’d create in order to demonstrate a UI design for an app or website. There are plenty of resources around on the web where you can find mockup assets, but The Mockup Club takes things a step further by curating high quality, free mockup templates for you to use in your projects. Let’s quickly dive in:

Need More Mockups?

Placeit is a mockup generator; an online tool which allows you to embed your own designs (be they UI designs, logos, other branding assets) into presentation environments. For example, you might have an image which you’d like to place within an iPhone on a coffee table, or superimpose your logo onto a model’s shirt. 

iPhone X mockupiPhone X mockupiPhone X mockup
iPhone X Mockup

Perhaps you’d even like to see your designs embedded into videos like this:

UI design embedded into Placeit stock videoUI design embedded into Placeit stock videoUI design embedded into Placeit stock video
UI design embedded into Placeit stock video

With almost 3,000 templates and counting, Placeit is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Envato Elements

Take a look at these mockup resources available from Envato Elements:

Mobile Mockup Living PhotosMobile Mockup Living PhotosMobile Mockup Living Photos
Mobile Mockup Living Photos
Wall Art MockupWall Art MockupWall Art Mockup
Wall Art Mockup
App Screen MockupsApp Screen MockupsApp Screen Mockups
App Screen Mockups

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