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Speed Up Your Sketch Workflow With Runner

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Today we’re going to look at a Sketch plugin called “runner”, whose purpose is to speed up your Sketch workflow. When used properly it can genuinely shave lots of time from your design routine–let’s take a look at how to get hold of it and start saving time!

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To kick things off visit and hit the Download now button.


Once downloaded, double-click on the plugin file and (assuming you already have Sketch installed) everything will be taken care of automagically.

You’ll now have a new option under Plugins > Runner > Run... (shortcut ⌘') which will run runner. A dialogue will pop up, looking very similar to Mac OS Spotlight, or Alfred’s search bar:

Runners dark themeRunners dark themeRunners dark theme
Runner’s dark theme

Like Spotlight and Alfred, the Runner dialogue enables us to directly access files, execute commands, perform searches, and much more.

From the screenshot above you can see that Runner allows us to run a plugin or menu action; goto different pages, artboards, or groups; we can insert symbols, create symbols and shared styles; apply those same styles; or install more plugins.

To switch between these various options, begin by typing (say “cr” for “create”) then hit tab; Runner will autocomplete your request and switch to that option.

For more details on what Runner can do for your workflow, check out the video above!

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