Web Design Courses

These online web design courses will help you learn everything from website usability to getting the most out of WordPress. If you want to take your web design skills to the next level, you're in the right place.

Each course takes you through a web design topic or concept in all the detail you need to master it, with expert video instruction to show you exactly what to do. Some, like this basic WordPress introduction, are aimed at beginners, while others, like this four-hour guide to web animation, are more advanced. Pick the right level for you, and start learning the web design skills you need!

All Web Design courses:

  1. Designing Your First Web Design Portfolio

    Designing Your First Web Design Portfolio

    Course Beginner

    In this course, we take a look at how you can design your first web portfolio to get yourself more clients or the full-time job you’ve been pining for, all...

  2. CSS3 Animations

    CSS3 Animations

    Course Beginner

    In the past, you had to learn Flash or JavaScript to animate an object on your site, but today you can do the same things with CSS3. If you want to make...

  3. Bootstrap for Web Design

    Bootstrap for Web Design

    Course Beginner

    Twitter's Bootstrap is an excellent set of carefully crafted user interface elements, layouts and JavaScript tools, easily available to use in your next...

  4. Effective Navigation Development

    Effective Navigation Development

    Course Intermediate

    In a previous course, Craig Campbell taught us how to design effective navigation elements. Now he takes us through building the designs and developing them...

  5. HTML Email Design and Development

    HTML Email Design and Development

    Course Beginner

    Let’s face it, creating HTML emails that are consistent across the majority of email platforms can be a nightmare, with many email programs (Microsoft in...

  6. Effective Navigation Design

    Effective Navigation Design

    Course Beginner

    Navigation is one of the most important aspects of web design. If people cannot navigate through your site, they will quickly leave. Thus, designing...

  7. Hands on: Design & Build a Coming Soon Page

    Hands on: Design & Build a Coming Soon Page

    Course Beginner

    In this “hands on” course, Adi Purdila will show you how to design and then develop an effective coming soon page. This is not a beginners course and basic...

  8. Mastering Retro Web Design

    Mastering Retro Web Design

    Course Intermediate

    Once rarely used in this dynamic medium, retro and vintage elements are now becoming more and more popular in a variety of design contexts. Online shops,...

  9. PSD to HTML for Designers

    PSD to HTML for Designers

    Course Intermediate

    Have you ever tried to take a nice PSD design for a web site and tried to translate it to HTML? Not always easy, is it! Here is Adi Purdila to help us...

  10. Illustrator for Web Design

    Illustrator for Web Design

    Course Beginner

    For a web designer, Photoshop and Fireworks is the traditional choice when designing for the web, but how about Illustrator? In this course Cheryl Graham...

  11. CSS Terminology Decoded

    CSS Terminology Decoded

    Course Beginner

    CSS is an interesting language. It’s quite easy to learn the basics, but truly mastering it is a much more involved process that can take years – despite...

  12. Pro Workflow for Web Designers

    Pro Workflow for Web Designers

    Course Beginner

    It’s not enough to know how to design a website. Being able to hand off your designs, whether to a colleague or client, in a clear and organized way is what...