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The Command Line for Web Design: Wrapping Up

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This post is part of a series called The Command Line for Web Design.
The Command Line for Web Design: Scaffolding New Projects

I hope you had a great time with this tutorial series, and discovered some of the incredibly useful ways the command line can be incorporated into every day web design processes.

You’ve learned techniques which can be put to work in your development right away, but even they only just scratch the surface.

I encourage you to spend some time browsing the packages available via npm and Bower, the plugins for Grunt and Gulp, and the generators for Yeoman

How you setup your projects is completely flexible, and completely up to you. As you get more familiar with how to create your own custom commands, you’ll find there’s an all new level of freedom with how your development processes can unfold.

Thanks for completing this tutorial series, and enjoy using the command line for web design!

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