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8 Best Store Locator WordPress Plugins

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WordPress locator plugins are the perfect solution to provide a convenient way for your customers to find your nearest store and the shortest way to get there—especially if your business has multiple locations. 

Customers may want intimate contact with a product before they make a purchase online, and a visit to your store provides the opportunity to do so. Not only that, but customers will have fewer inquiries and fewer returns for in-store purchases as compared to online shopping. 

Many types of business will be able to benefit from having WordPress locator plugins on their website.

The beauty of these plugins is that they use Google Maps, which has features like zooming, routing, location sharing, and even verbal instructions already built in. Some of these plugins also support WooCommerce, letting you inform customers which items are available in-store and the nearest store which has an item in stock.

Best Store Locator Plugins for WordPress

In this post, we are going to look at some of the best WordPress locator plugins on CodeCanyon. Let's get started!

1. MapifyPro—The Absolute Best Maps for WordPress

MapifyPro—The Absolute Best Maps for WordPressMapifyPro—The Absolute Best Maps for WordPressMapifyPro—The Absolute Best Maps for WordPress
MapifyPro—The Absolute Best Maps for WordPress

The most common use for Mapify.It is as a store locator. This store locator WordPress plugin is incredibly useful for businesses that have products sold in stores across the country or across the globe.

Mapify.It is the perfect 'find your nearest' WordPress plugin solution that lists each location by address, with added features to really excel.

Mapify benefits include:

  • Tested to WordPress 4.9+
  • Consistently updated and maintained
  • Extensive documentation
  • Add a video to all pinpoint locations
  • Photo Gallery for all pinpoint locations
  • A custom pinpoint icon can be used on any map
  • Custom Tooltip content for each location
  • Add extensive details to each location
  • Customization: Unlock your Maps with exciting features only found with Mapify.it
  • Rock-Solid framework and latest Google API integration
  • Renowned customer support
  • Control your zoom level in Google Maps and focus on a region of your choosing, at any zoom level focusing on any location you assign. *Note that this feature is while in Google Maps mode only
  • Toggle whether you want the zoom functionality in Image Mode: This is good for those just looking for hotspots on their images. Zoom functionality supports 2 levels of zoom in custom image mode
  • Toggle the pop-ups for each location. You specify whether or not you want each and every location to have a pop-up gallery, or just the tooltip on hover

2. Locations 4 WordPress

Locations 4 WordPressLocations 4 WordPressLocations 4 WordPress
Locations 4 WordPress

Locations 4 WordPress is a customizable WordPress location plugin to use as a store and business locator tool. It uses geolocation to show site visitors their nearest options.

It’s simple to install, set a few options, and you are ready to start adding locations. Place the map on any page with a simple shortcode.

It has tweakable, customizable map colors and button colors allow you to match your brand colors easily. Set initial map zoom and address display. It’s responsive on both desktop and mobile so it looks good on any device. The powerful categories allow for multiple different unique location pages within one website.

3. Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPressGoogle Maps Locator plugin for WordPressGoogle Maps Locator plugin for WordPress
Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress

The Google Maps Locator plugin for WordPress is an excellent plugin to build custom Google Maps with high-quality markers and additional features that make it ideal as a store locator.

Customize the search content fields and include media images. Change icons, markers and colors to suit your brand.

Deploy a compact search form with a radius slider to search for stores within the specified radius and choose a full-screen map option.

If you're looking for a WordPress location plugin or a WordPress Store Locator, this is a professional plugin solution to consider.

4. Map List Pro

Map List Pro pluginMap List Pro pluginMap List Pro plugin

Map List Pro is the perfect store locator for creating multiple locators, office addresses, and even contact lists. In addition, it comes with more than 35 styles for you to choose from.

Let's look at some of the notable features of this plugin.

Easy-to-Use Location Editor

You can create and edit locations easily by searching for them in the editor, since all the details are already filled out for you. You can then fine-tune or add locations by dragging and dropping the pin to where you want it to be.

Custom Icons and Clustered Markers

This plugin contains hundreds of icons which can use in your maps. The clustered markers are suitable for maps with a large number of locations and make navigation easier.

It also includes different display modes for your maps, such as:

  • simple map: this is just a simple map without sorting and searching
  • search by title: contains a search box where customers can search stores by title, description, and categories
  • search by location: lets customers look for stores near a certain location
  • search by location and text: search for stores near a location with a certain keyword
  • geolocate map: this kind of map will ask the user for their location and return results that are nearby

5. Super Store Finder

Super Store FinderSuper Store FinderSuper Store Finder

Super Store Finder for WordPress is another fully responsive store locator that comes with a powerful admin store locator. You can manage stores and tags/categories, as well as customizing styles, colors, labels, notifications, regions, and map settings.

This plugin also comes with a Marker Clusterer Add-on for WordPress which you can additionally purchase. It enables you to combine many markers and then show them as clusters.

Marker Clusterer Add-on for WordPress Marker Clusterer Add-on for WordPress Marker Clusterer Add-on for WordPress

Some of the features include:

  • built-in geolocation: allows your customers to find the exact location of your store and how to get there in the shortest time
  • showcase store images and videos: upload and showcase images and videos on the store locator—for example, images of dishes available at a restaurant
  • import bulk addresses
  • search stores by region: a useful feature if you have multiple stores in different countries
  • attach a contact form to individual stores

6. Agile Store Locator

Agile Store LocatorAgile Store LocatorAgile Store Locator

Agile Store Locator is a very powerful locator plugin which features three unique themes, with each theme having a different style. This gives you an option to choose the style which most closely matches your website.

Agile Store Locator also comes with a dashboard panel where you can see all the statistics such as the number of stores, markers, categories, and search count. It also displays important data like the most viewed stores and locations.

Other features include:

  • maps in multiple languages
  • time switch: a unique feature which allows you to show only the stores that are open at a given time
  • draw the direction from one point to another and instructions on how to get there
  • import and export stores, manage categories, and display locations on customized maps

7. WordPress Store Locator

WordPress Store LocatorWordPress Store LocatorWordPress Store Locator

WordPress Store locator is your ultimate eCommerce store locator. It gives you the ability to link products to your stores—this means that you can add a Find it in a Store button next to your products. This has the potential to increase sales, since customers are likely to buy more items if they come to the store.

It also includes more than 10 layouts and 90 options for styling maps.

Other features are:

  • support for multiple languages
  • customization: you can customize everything including color, data, and even map styling
  • ability to import and export stores
  • ability to embed a contact form for multiple stores
  • embed the locator on any page
  • automatic geolocation
  • store data customization: customize what data you want to show for a particular store

8. Responsive Store Locator

Responsive Store LocatorResponsive Store LocatorResponsive Store Locator

Responsive Store Locator is a multipurpose listing plugin that allows you to show locations that are in close proximity to your customers. It also comes with a powerful back-end where you can upload multiple store locations, translate your maps and locations into multiple languages, and apply beautiful skins to maps.

This plugin is also WooCommerce supported—this means that you can assign stores to products, let the customers know whether the item is available in-store, and direct them to the nearest stores to buy the product.

This plugin also lets you upload stores without knowing their latitude and longitude coordinates. This can be a real time-saver!

Other features include:

  • smart geotagging
  • visitors can view directions to the store in the kilometers or miles
  • search for nearby stores by address or postal code
  • ability to sort stores by distance
  • customers can also store listings for later use


So that's it—some of the best WordPress store locator plugins on CodeCanyon. All these plugins are very easy and quick to set up, and support is available.

We can't wait for you to try them!

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