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How to Use the Block-Based Widgets Editor in WordPress

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the new block-based widget editor in WordPress; I’ll show you what’s new, what’s changed, and whether you can go back to using the classic WordPress widgets.

How to Use Block-Based Widgets in WordPress

WordPress widgets have been around almost as long as WordPress itself. They’re handy pieces of dynamic content allowing you to drag and drop all kinds of things to your sidebars and widget areas. You can use them to add search boxes, recent posts, comments, the classic “tag cloud”, calendars, and any number of third party widget options.

With the advent of WordPress 5.8 (July 2021) the way we use widgets has changed. Gone is the old widgets screen in the admin, and in its place we now how a block-based widgets editor far more inline with Gutenberg.

block-based widgetsblock-based widgetsblock-based widgets

Check out the video above for a full walkthrough of block-based widgets and don’t forget to subscribe to Tuts+ on Youtube for more WordPress and creative videos!

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